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Restoring Your Smile

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Metal-Free Fillings

At Lake Grove Dental, your smile and health are both top of our priority list. We want all our patients to achieve a beautiful smile and feel confident in their health too.

For our patients who are suffering from cavities, we recommend tooth-colored fillings to prevent any further damage and to protect the affected tooth. Dr. Branen only uses white composite fillings, which not only resemble the color of your natural teeth but are much more durable than traditional metal fillings. They are also biocompatible and do not contain harmful materials such as mercury.

Dr. Branen places a filling after he has completed a thorough evaluation of your tooth. This may include digital x-rays. He next cleans the area and places the composite material. Your restorative dentist in Lake Oswego, OR gently shapes the material to fit your bite and fortify your tooth. To finish, he polishes and smoothens the material for a discreet restoration.

You can smile with confidence, as only you and Dr. Branen will know about your restorations!


We know having a tooth extracted is not top of your wish list. However, sometimes it is the best course of action in order to maintain your oral health or to prepare your smile for orthodontic treatment.

When an extraction is necessary, our caring team explains the reasons behind the removal and how the procedure is carried out. Dr. Branen will answer any questions and provide follow-up restorative options too.

Our Lake Oswego dentist has experience in performing extractions and is able to complete the process with minimal discomfort. Thanks to our expertise and modern technology, it is normal for our patients to tell us they hardly noticed when the tooth was being removed.

We use numbing agents or anesthetic on the area surrounding the tooth. Next, our skilled dentist gently rocks the tooth to remove it and cares for the area once the extraction is complete. We’ll keep the area clean and provide you with some restoration options including dental implants or a bridge.


TMJ disorder (temporomandibular joint aka jaw joint) is fairly common and occurs when your jaw joint becomes inflamed or damaged due to stress, trauma, clenching, or teeth grinding. The disorder can cause regular headaches, jaw muscle pain, jaw clicking, and damaged teeth.

It is important to see a TMJ dentist if you continue to experience the symptoms mentioned above. Dr. Branen has the skills and experience to diagnose TMJ using modern technology and helps patients transform their issues into solutions.

Typically, our dentist performs a full face and joint exam to assess your situation and needs. Next, he may recommend using custom nightguards or orthodontic treatment to help relieve headaches and muscle tension. These solutions can ease the stress on the joint and also realign your jaw so the joints glide properly. Each option will be discussed and adapted to your needs.

TMJ can lead to further whole-health issues if it is not treated. Please contact Lake Grove Dental today if you would like more information.


When you have lost all your teeth or require multiple replacements, you definitely want something comfortable and discreet. Your Lake Oswego restorative dentist offers both of these whenever we place a new partial or full denture. With our options, you can smile with confidence and eat without worrying about your denture sliding out of place.

At Lake Grove Dental, we work with a top-quality dental lab to create beautiful custom dentures designed to match your individual facial features. Dr. Branen is experienced in this area of dentistry and can securely place these restorations into your mouth.

We offer our partial dentures for those with a few missing teeth and full dentures when there are no teeth present. What’s more, we can provide implant-retained dentures for a more permanent fit. With the help of modern technology, such as our 3D Cone Beam Scanner, we can also realign your denture and bring it back to its original quality and vigor.

Dr. Branen works along with local periodontal and oral surgery specialists. He collaborates to find the ideal implant-retained denture option for you.

Inlays & Onlays

Occasionally your tooth is too damaged and cannot be corrected by a simple filling. In these cases, an inlay or onlay is the ideal method to protect your teeth. An inlay fits inside the surface of your tooth while an onlay cares for issues affecting this area plus the outer cusp of the tooth. Each restoration is necessary to preserve the healthy part of your teeth and restore the damaged area.

When placing an inlay or onlay, our doctor begins by assessing your tooth and taking digital impressions. Next, he designs the restoration and sends this data to the CEREC® milling machine. Once created, the inlay or onlay is carefully put into position and adjusted as needed. When correct, Dr. Branen bonds the new restoration into place for a beautiful and fully functioning finish.

Dr. Branen is committed to quality and only uses the latest materials and technology. He genuinely wants you to benefit from long-term, natural-looking results.

Laser Dentistry

Our office is fully committed to preserving your health and providing a comfortable experience. Therefore, we keep up with the latest dental advancements and strive to employ them during your appointment. One such area is the use of laser dentistry.

Dr. Branen uses dental lasers to improve the accuracy and healing process of some common procedures. For example, our YAG laser is used specifically to perform ulcer and periodontal treatments. It allows us to comfortably and effectively remove debris and disinfect periodontal pockets (the spaces created between your gum tissue and teeth). This means harmful bacteria is removed and your gum regains the ability to seal and reattach to your tooth. Thus, allowing your smile to regain its strength.

Laser dentistry is very effective and has helped many of our more nervous patients to achieve improved oral health. If you want faster, gentler, and more precise dental care, then ask about our laser options.

CEREC® Same-Day

World-class restorations designed, created, and placed in our office.

Gone are the days of long drawn out dental procedures or messy, goopy impressions. At Lake Grove Dental, we are at the forefront of modern restorative dentistry. In fact, once you enter our office, you are surrounded by the latest technologies including CEREC® Same-Day dentistry.

Our modern CEREC® technology allows Dr. Branen and his team to prepare and place a permanent restoration in just one day. This advanced in-office equipment means we can practice biomimetic dentistry for a more healthy, conservative approach. The aim of biomimetic dentistry is to restore a damaged tooth to its original function without removing anything healthy. When Dr. Branen places a crown he only removes the decayed or damaged areas and then protects the tooth with the new crown.


A dental crown or cap is needed when a tooth has suffered from severe decay or trauma and fillings are not enough to save it. Crowns are custom-made and can restore your tooth’s appearance, shape, alignment, and bite.

We are able to craft gorgeous, durable CEREC® crowns in a single day. You can enjoy smiling again in only a few hours!


Recover a healthy, beautiful smile with the help of a dental bridge. If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, this is your life-changing solution. Once placed, you can eat, smile, and speak comfortably as a bridge can match seamlessly with your natural teeth.

A bridge consists of two or more crowns placed on the adjacent teeth on either side of the gap. Then, a final restoration is created to fill in the missing tooth or teeth. Beyond replacing your teeth, it alleviates stress on your bite and prevents other teeth from shifting in your mouth.

Dental Implants

The modern approach to tooth replacement.
Man in a white shirt with dark brown hair smiling and showing white teeth

We know that many patients feel uncomfortable and even embarrassed due to a missing tooth or teeth. Moreover, you may feel limited when it comes to normal activities like eating, speaking, or smiling. Dental implants may be your best solution to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

The titanium implant acts like the root of your tooth and is carefully inserted into your jawbone, thus allowing for greater stability and better function. What’s more, thanks to our 3D CT Cone Beam, our doctor can capture 3D images of your teeth and plan the ideal placement of your implants, allowing for a more precise and predictable restorative treatment. Many patients say the experience of having implants placed is similar to having dental restorations done.

After the bone and surrounding area have healed, Dr. Branen adds the abutment, which connects the implant to the new custom-made restoration. Finally, an implant-supported tooth, crown, or denture can be attached to your implant.

From that moment on, you can smile, eat, and laugh as you normally would because your implant is very much like your natural teeth! Implants, when properly cared for, can last the life of the patient. While the upfront cost may be more, they may actually be more cost-effective than alternative treatment choices over time.

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